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Prep Hoops Circuit
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Prep Hoops Next Circuit

America's #1 Independent Grassroots Circuit

2023 Circuit Preview


    • We were on the Adidas Gauntlet and RecruitLook, but neither compare to the Prep Hoops Next circuit when it comes to coverage. The competition was high quality and we love the freedom to chose the events we want to participate in.

      Tanner Carlson

      Iowa Barnstormers

    • We played in 4 events this year and all were at great venues. The marketing, promotion, social coverage, and articles had a huge impact on our team. Events are very well organized.

      Casey Mooneyham

      Missouri Crush

    • The coverage and registration process was very smooth. We enjoyed seeing our players recognized as top performers and could not ask for anything more with these events. The Prep Hoops Next Circuit is top Notch!

      Ricky Odel

      Southern Indiana Blaze