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2023 Circuit Preview


    • We've been with the circuit for a couple years. Great exposure to teams, well written articles and great photographs. The facilities were excellent and officials were fair across the events. The sponsored gear was awesome and the team loved it.

      Jason Fisher

      LA Broncos

    • The level of competition was really high. We were matched up competitively throughout the circuit season. The coverage and exposure that was provided is top notch for our teams.

      Adam Maulick

      Wisconsin Crusaders

    • Overall, the whole organization piece is a plus. RJ and the communications team were a 10 out of 10. They guided me through every step of the process. We had a good experience at the live events. The coverage and competition were both really high quality!

      Abdul Adem

      Chosen Few

    • Overall the event experience and circuit season was really good for us. We really enjoyed the competition. The social coverage was outstanding. Great job on coverage and exposure to players

      Waheed Mitchell

      IE Fire

    • Prep Hoops was amazing for us, especially coming from Northern Minnesota. We don't get a lot of exposure when it comes to basketball, so playing on the Prep Hoops Circuit was a blessing. It gave us a chance as an independent team to play and beat some teams that are on the shoe circuits, but also to compete against some really talented independent programs. Prep Hoops gives independent programs a GREAT chance to play in front of lots of college coaches at all levels!!!!

      CJ Osuchukwu

      Starks Elite