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    • The level of competition is always really high. We get matched up competitively throughout the circuit season. The coverage and exposure provided is top notch for our teams.

      Adam Maulick

      Wisconsin Crusaders

    • Prep Hoops does a great job of giving young men and opportunity to earn a scholarship if you want to get your name out there the prep hoops circuit is where you want to be great tournaments and great scouts keep up the great work prep hoops!!!!

      Kent Robinson

      Illinois Twolves

    • We've been with the circuit for a couple years. Great exposure to teams, well written articles and great photographs. The facilities were excellent and officials were fair across the events. The sponsored gear was awesome and the team loved it.

      Jason Fisher

      LA Broncos

    • Our experience with Prep Hoops was phenomenal. The best part is that they reseed the teams after each event so you are always playing to your level of competition. It really is the best for the players overall development and a perfect fit for our program. Jenna was there to answer all of my questions as this was our first year on the circuit. I cannot say enough great things about her professionalism, communication, and promptness in replying to my questions. She is an absolute asset to the circuit and truly made our first experience with Prep Hoops a good one. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Prep Hoops circuit in the future. Thank you!

      Bradley Zacharias

      Chapman Basketball Academy

    • The Prep Hoops platform has been an instrumental part of our scheduling decisions for what feels like forever. The competition, coverage, and college coaches that the events provide will always be a draw and something we recommend to other programs.

      Jordan Maurer

      North Dakota Phenom

    • Prep Hoops was amazing for us, especially coming from Northern Minnesota. We don't get a lot of exposure when it comes to basketball, so playing on the Prep Hoops Circuit was a blessing. It gave us a chance as an independent team to play and beat some teams that are on the shoe circuits, but also to compete against some really talented independent programs. Prep Hoops gives independent programs a GREAT chance to play in front of lots of college coaches at all levels!!!!

      CJ Osuchukwu

      Starks Elite

    • The Prep Hoops Basketball Circuit is an extremely ran professional basketball circuit. The Prep Hoops staff is easy to get in contact with, their websites are extremely user-friendly, and you can find all of the information regarding their circuit online at all times during the year. The staff is also very friendly when walk into their facilities. Lastly, The Prep Hoops Circuit has all of it teams play in outstanding facilities and you are always in a safe location. The writers for the Prep Hoop circuit do great job of analyzing players, and writing about the student athletes that help the players gain exposure. I would highly recommend the Prep Hoops circuit because of their professionalism , and their ability to always be in communication with your organization.

      Malcom Hill

      Illinois Basketball

    • Prep Hoops does an outstanding job with their website and their other sources, they run a lot of great specials for their websites and tournaments! They stay up to date with their rankings and get everything out in a timely fashion and to the right people. I understand the head coach is the one everyone wants to talk to but the assistant coaches are usually the ones who spend even more time with the kids there trying to recruit! Thanks for all you and your organization do for both men's and women's sports!

      Alan Olsen

      ND Attack

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not received an invite from the Prep Hoops Events Team, click here to apply.

Each game played in a qualifying event counts towards your Power Score. For more information on how this score is calculated, click here.

No. Each Prep Hoops Circuit team is required to attend three qualifying events in their region. You can select any three events that fit into your schedule. Once you have completed your second qualifying event, you are immediately eligible for the Finals event in your region.

You can find a full list of qualifying events here: view schedule.

You are more than welcome to do that! Although you will miss out on the benefits of the Prep Hoops Circuit, which includes premium pricing, apparel packages, and exclusive media coverage.

Grind Region: TX, OK, AR, MO, KS, CO, WY
Grit Region: OH, IN, MI, WV, PA, KY, IL, TN
Hustle Region: CA, NV, AZ, UT, ID, OR, WA, MT, NM, CO
Hard Work Region: MN, ND, SD, NE, IA, WI
Passion Region: FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, NC, SC, TN, VA

Canadian Teams are allowed to participate pending an application. Click here to apply.

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